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Every contribution makes it possible for the Andy Pilgrim Foundation to provide new knowledge and cutting edge information to help educate new drivers, parents and all adults. 

 The Foundation produces new DVDs and PSAs and donates them to underfunded school districts. Foundation work also consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking engagements at driver education  teacher conferences and high schools.  

Thousands of educational DVDs and PSAs have been donated to high school students, parents and driver education teachers.



New Public Service Announcements (PSAs) Available Now

The Andy Pilgrim Foundation works to educate new drivers, parents and all adults.   These 3 PSAs (Wake Up, Truth and Reality) are designed to cultivate much needed change in parent driving behavior.  These PSAs are being shown at high school driver permit parent nights all over the US.

New research is highlighting the negative effects parents have on their children as they drive distracted with them in the vehicle.  Over 75% of new drivers will drive with the same driving distractions they learn from watching their parents drive and this will always be a problem for new drivers.

These 3 PSAs each make different points and will hopefully cause positive change in driving behavior. - Andy Pilgrim

All PSAs may be requested for download using the online form below. Additionally, all of the PSAs are contained in The Parent Driving Zone DVD, which may be ordered by clicking here.

PSA 1 - Wake Up

PSA 2 - Truth

PSA 3 - Reality

Request Form - PSAs are available as high-resolution download.

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